Thursday, April 26, 2012

High Winds in Gallup

Haven't posted for awhile. So sorry, blog followers!  Alas, we are off the road at present in the Lance 2285 travel trailer with super slide-out.  Paul decided that he wanted to sell the rig and spend more time on the high seas.  I'm bereft since I love being on the road.  Daisy's on antidepressants (sp?) she's so bummed.

Anyway, I managed to take the Honda to Santa Fe for a few days to meet up with my friend Debby. Had a good time hanging with the artsy set.  Winds came way up on my way back home so am spending the night in a motel that smells like the restaurant next door.

It's so windy I think a tornado's about to hit.  If you see someone flying by in a funnel cloud it's probably me.