Saturday, October 15, 2011

What's a "Ute"? Part 1

Yep, we're bloggin' again. Back on the road and if you haven't seen the movie "My Cousin Vinny" we won't even try to explain the term "what's a Ute?"  Oh, this is a picture of a disheveled Daisy. She was going crazy hanging around the Sedona digs so we knew we had to get some road time in because that's when Daisy is happiest. And after all, it's all about the dog.
What the hell is a "Ute"?  There are legends, casinos, tours, villages, and RV parks in Ute country. I suppose even Utah was named after the Ute tribe.  Why they didn't call it "Brigham" is beyond us because as the old saying goes, "I don't care how you brig 'em, just brig 'em young." Do you get it? And imagine. We might actually elect one of these chaps to the highest office in the land.  Whatever happened to Ron Paul? Or to
Ru Paul for that matter?

And what the hell is a Ute?
 And since you can never get enough of the Lance 2285 with side slider (seen here), we thought we would show you the Lance at the starting gate where we started one week ago today, Saturday, October 8.
 Yep, it's at the Prescott, Arizona Elks Lodge where we are members and where we store the trailer. These folks are great people. They run a good facility with RV park and storage. The prices all around are exceedingly low to hook-up the rig for a night or two. The Elks is an organization that needs more young members like myself. Paul, on the other hand, fits the aging Elks demographic.
 Elks Lodge, Prescott, Arizona.  That's a live elk on top.
 Here's where the grand poobah gets to park.
 Speaking of grand, our first stop was 120 miles to the north, el canon grande.  What the hell is a Ute?
 And you really haven't seen Daisy until she takes a juicy dump (Paul's words) and then does the butt scoot along a freshly tarred road.  Here's one shot of her rear end and since you can never get enough of Daisy, here's another one....
 She likes to do this at least once a week which unfortunately for her results in a trip to the tub.
 And since you can never get enough of Daisy, here she is again.
 Like we said...but damn, she's a good road dog.  Better than any we have encountered on our 25,000 miles of trailer travel. But of course, we're not partial.  Try taking a cat on the road. Good luck.
 Paul insisted on this shot because he says the older I get the larger my chest gets. Some might say "longer". So yep, it's me, thrusting out my chest in the Lance 2285 travel trailer with side slider. Boobolicious.

What the hell is a "Ute"?
Oh, and then we went through Monument Valley, where John Ford and John Wayne made all them movies. By the way, best western ever produced, "The Searchers", was shot not far from here.

No Utes here. This is Navajo country.  Uh're probably getting the idea that a Ute might just be one of our "First Nationers" as the Canucks call 'em. 

Next stop, Mobe, Utah with our friends Debby and Don.  And a trip along Route 666, the Devil's Highway. Saints protect us.

***Is it "My Cousin Vinny" or "Vinnie"? Need to look that up.