Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Back to Blogging, sort of

A heads-up, trailerblazing fans. We left Green Valley a couple of days ago for our next round of trailerblazing but have had no internet service in the wilds of far western Arizona and rural San Diego County. I'm on a borrowed computer writing this and am going to be kicked off soon.

Will resume the blog with all guns-a-blazing this weekend.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009


Daisy's new life jacket. Don't know why she needs one since there's no water in Arizona.

Paul has Daisy in a head-lock so she can't go for his throat.

Our joyful reunion. Joyful for me anyway.

Working out on the treadmill. I suppose now we'll have to buy her one.

Paul, Daisy's personal trainer, joins her on the treadmill.

Daisy's been sprung from the slammer, freed from pooch prison. Her intensive dog training classes have made her a mellower mutt and while we were told she had a few unsettling days in the beginning--missing us, we hope--she had a pretty good stay after that. We endured four long, torturous weeks without her but we're not so sure she really wanted to come home.

The training/boarding facility (Central Pet in Amado, AZ) has plenty of what we don't have: a lush green lawn, a large water fountain, a floor you can pee on without getting yelled at, a treadmill and plenty of snacks.

Regardless of how she feels, it's good to have her back. We're happy and right now, it's all about us for a change. Not about the dog.