Tuesday, December 7, 2010


You knew we'd find it: the only liquor store in Babbaloo, or Bubbaloo, or Caribou or wherever it is we are. Oh, Baraboo, a small town in southcentral Wisconsin where we spent one night after leaving Lac du Flambeau. Not much in Baraboo except this liquor store, a Super WalMart, and a monument to Ringling Brothers or some other circus that was founded here. Illinois is south of Wisconsin.And Dixon, Illinois is a Tea Party favorite. Them folks is welcome here.I was amazed that the lonely Democratic Party headquarters is still standing. Dixon is best known as the childhood home of super-hero Ronald Reagan.His body has been cast in stone--along with his horse--and is displayed in the town square."....in Dixon I really found myself." 'Nuf said.Paul found himself in front of Reagan's boyhood home.Daisy found a stick.On our way to Tampico (Illinois, not Mexico), we stopped in a cool little town called "Walnut".  Inside the cafe......oh joy, my entire reason for being in the Midwest: a deep-fried pork tenderloin sandwich. Be still my heart! And after downing a couple of these, it will be.After my calorie and fat-filled lunch, I stopped at the local thrift shop and picked up this dress for 50 cents. It's far too small for my lard butt so I've ended up giving it away. What a waste of 50 cents.Walnut has its own cheese factory. A sweet Bavarian-flavored place with lots of snacks for sale, including another Midwest mainstay, flavored cheese curds. Yum. Tampico, a mecca for teabaggers and Reaganites.Reagan was born in this bank behind Teller Window #1. His crib was in the safe.President Reagan is all over this town. Here he is with Nancy. Where's Frank Sinatra? Remember that "rumor"?This passes for "art" at our Dixon RV park. There were probably thirty of these cut-outs scattered about. Nice, huh? Next stop: the old sod, "The Pits" in Chillicothe.