Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Catching Up

Dear Trailerblazing Blog Followers:
I know your world has been incomplete since our last blog entry in late April. You're probably wondering what the hell happened to us. Or you're thankful that this painful blog, this exercise in futility, has finally ended. Well, truth is we've been a bit slow on the draw. Ran out of steam for awhile but will be filling in the blanks about our last few stops in the next few days. These will include:

* Poche Plantation on Louisiana's River Road. A combination historic plantation/RV park. You must go there. Its crazy-ass owner ("crazy" in a good sense) gives the best tour of any I've ever been on. And I've been on a lot.

* Houston for a visit with our dear friend Roz and her wine collection

* Aptly-named "Johnson City", Texas. Birthplace of Lyndon Baines Johnson. Forgive me for sullying the reputation of the highest office in the land, but remember: he was the President who called his secretaries into the Oval Office to take some "dictation", if you get my drift. I'm not kidding. Those were his words. But the ranch is worthwhile and thanks to the efforts of the gentile and classy Lady Bird Johnson, the Texas Hill Country is covered in wildflowers. A pretty spot and pretty interesting.

Gotta go. Blog on,
Corita, Paul y Daisy